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Demonstration Landscape

We built a new Demonstration Landscape at our administration office in La Mesa. It beautifies the neighborhood and inspires, we hope, WaterSmart landscaping in all the neighborhoods we serve. Installing a WaterSmart landscape is a big upgrade for your property, and we have the resources to help you.

Aloes at sunset in the desert landscape in Helix's demonstration landscape.

3 Streets, 3 Gardens

Our University Avenue garden features plants from the world’s Mediterranean climate zones. The Lee Avenue garden showcases desert plants and Palo Verde trees. And, the Quince Street garden demonstrates the casual beauty of plants and trees native to California. The plants in all three of our gardens are right at home in San Diego’s climate. They can thrive on half, a third or a fifth of the water that a traditional lawn needs. You can save an enormous amount of water and save money on your water bill, too.

We Made This Easy

We built each garden right next to the public sidewalk, so you can enjoy them whenever you like. We also made it easy to learn about WaterSmart plants. Plant markers provide the name of each plant and, when you scan the QR code with the camera app on your smartphone, we show you the plant’s information. Learn how much water the plant needs, when it blooms, the flower color and its full-grown size.

Click On the Links Below

Click on the links below to see the interactive version of each of our gardens. When you hover over a plant you’ll see its name. When you click on it, you’ll see how much sun and water it needs, when it blooms, the flower color and its full grown size.

Demonstration Landscape

Helix Administration Office
7811 University Avenue
La Mesa, CA

Gardens are next to the public sidewalk that surrounds our Administration Office on University Avenue, Lee Avenue and Quince Street.

Free parking on the street and in Helix parking lot on Quince Street


On University Avenue

Our Mediterranean garden is full of flowers, soft colors and fragrant plants from the world’s Mediterranean climate zones — like rosemary, catmint and flax lily.

Explore Our Mediterranean Garden

On Lee Avenue

Our desert landscape is full of vibrant and airy plants typically found in the desert – like ocotillo, barrel cactus and Palo Verde trees

Explore Our Desert Garden

Agave Blue Elf plant

On Quince Street

Our California native garden is filled with plants that grow naturally in California, and are drought tolerant and wildlife friendly, like monkey flower, bush sunflower and the strawberry madrone tree.

Explore Our California Native Garden

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Explore landscape design principles and ideas, and listen to stories from homeowners who made the switch to a WaterSmart landscape.

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The Garden

The Water Conservation Garden in Rancho San Diego offers over five acres of beautiful, watersmart gardens.

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We offer rebates on sprinkler heads,  controllers that automically adjust watering times based on the weather, and much more.

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